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The Liberty of the Seas Connoisseur Club is one of my favorite spots on the ship. Unfortunately, their limited drink offerings mean it is not one of my Royal Caribbean bar menus.

You need to know something important about Royal Caribbean bar menus. They aren’t all the same. The beverage packages are designed to cover most drinks, and the drinks cost more on newer ships. The menus below were taken from the Liberty of the Seas in July 2019.

I made several general observations. First, the drink package on the Liberty covered drinks up to $12. It was really hard to spend more than that on a drink. There were only two major exceptions. The first is if you wanted a tasting flight, and the second is if you are a wine drinker. If you drink beer or harder stuff, the drink package covers you nicely.

Second, there was more variation between bars than I expected. For example, I love Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon. It was literally the last drink I had on the cruise. I discovered it the last night in Hoof and Claw. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only place that had it. While every bar can make your standard mixed drinks, it is worth asking around if you want something particular.

What about embarkation day?

Third, the alcohol on embarkation day is awful. It used to be better. Now, McCormack’s is one of the better options until you are in international waters. Just say no. As a side note, they *do* serve Shiner Bock in Texas. They cease serving it in international waters.

Finally, the pool bars do not really have distinct menus. Their offerings are closest to the Olive or Twist menu. However, if you ask them for something expensive and special they will give you a confused look and pour something from the well. All told, the drink package was a great value. Happy cruising!

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  1. Thanks for this great list of bar menus, however I did notice the Suite Lounge menu is actually the Diamond Happy Hour menu. Also, do you happen to have a list of available drinks in the cigar lounge? Thanks!

    1. The cigar lounge did not have a menu. They had a nice selection of Scotch behind the shelf as well as a bottle of Maker’s Mark. If you wanted something else, they would go to the service bar in the Star Lounge and get it. As for the Suite Lounge menu, that document is correct. That shared a cocktail menu with the Diamond Lounge.

      1. Thanks for the reply and clarification. I didn’t realize the suite lounge just used the same bar menu. I hope you don’t mind answering a couple more questions. 🙂 Was the cigar lounge crowded, and do they allow people to smoke cigarettes in there? I try to avoid cigarettes where possible even though I smoke cigars on occasion. Thanks again.

      2. I am happy to answer questions, because I love feeling like this project is useful. The cigar lounge was never crowded. It wound up being the place me and my buddies went while our wives had a glass of wine elsewhere. I do not know what the rule is on cigarettes in the Cigar Lounge. However, I have spent a lot of time there on 2 Liberty sailings and 1 on the Navigator. I have never seen a cigarette in the place.

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