Lunch in Grand Cayman

Cayman Cabana is an excellent lunch choice near the cruise pier in Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Turn left on N. Church Street from the cruise pier and walk about a block past a beach.

Earlier this week, I wrote that we enjoyed our beach day at Royal Palms Beach Club. The atmosphere was high energy, and the food looked great. However, we wanted a quieter lunch with a more local feel. We wound up at Cayman Cabana right by the cruise pier. They offered local dishes with outdoor seating and gorgeous views. I highly recommend it for lunch in Grand Cayman.

The seating at Cayman Cabana offered gorgeous views.

Cayman Cabana definitely offers a relaxed vibe. Most of the seating is outdoor, although some is covered against rain. There is plenty of shade. The most impressive part of this relaxed vibe, however, was the absence of “Caribbean time.” Many restaurants equate relaxed vibe with slow service. At Cayman Cabana, we had cold drinks quickly. There were 14 people in our party, and the food came promptly and all at the same time.

That doesn’t really matter, however, if the food is bad. Happily, everything on the menu was fantastic. Various parts of our group tried conch fritters, ceviche, fish tacos, curry chicken, and several other things. There were also familiar options for the more timid amongst us. I had the braised oxtail with caramelized plantain. That. Was. Amazing. I also enjoyed trying beer from three local breweries. White Tip Lager, in particular, had a light and crisp texture which was perfect on a hot Caribbean day.

The ceviche at Cayman Cabana was an excellent choice,. Like all of the food, the presentation was fantastic.
I had braised oxtail for lunch in Grand Cayman. That was fantastic, and I would love to do it again.

Was it all good news?

Not everything was perfect. The oxtail and the curry chicken, for example, had bones in it. Chew carefully, and mind your kids if they order those dishes. The prices were also a touch high. Prices are listed in Cayman Islands dollars, so they are about 25% higher in U.S. currency. It was not a cheap lunch.

That said, I would absolutely go again. The meal wasn’t bad measured against what I typically spend on vacation. It was also excellent food in a beautiful setting. Cayman Cabana is incredibly convenient to the cruise pier. My lunch in Grand Cayman was fantastic, and I hope I get to go again to Cayman Cabana.

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