Stuttgarden Tavern Galveston restaurant

Stuttgarden Tavern is located near the Galveston Cruise Pier. They have ample seating both indoor and outdoor.

When we sailed this Summer, we had a big group. We wanted to eat dinner together, but not many restaurants are equipped to seat 14 people. Happily, we stumbled on Stuttgarden Tavern. It is located near the cruise pier, and they have cavernous seating both indoors and out. The grub at this Galveston restaurant isn’t fancy. It is, however, very good.

It is hard to find a Galveston restaurant that can seat a large group. Stuttgarden Tavern did the job nicely.

Stuttgarden Tavern is located about a block from the cruise pier. It is an easy walk from the Tremont House and the Harbor House hotels. We were staying in the Galvez, but a hotel shuttle made it easy to get to. This restaurant is also located convenient to all of the downtown shops.

The menu is an eclectic mix of German and American foods. That was fine, because we were an eclectic mix of people. We had six adults in our forties, the parents of one of those adults, and six kids. The kids ranged from 9-15 years old, and the atmosphere was appropriate for all of them.

Stuttgarden Tavern is an excellent Galveston restaurant. I very much enjoyed my schnitzel, although I could have done without as much creamy sauce.

The adults went through as much of the beer list as was appropriate for a group with children. There were excellent choices for all tastes. Most of the adults got German fare, and I very much enjoyed my schnitzel. Most of the kids got more common American dishes such as mac and cheese. Perhaps most importantly, nobody cared how much noise us nor our children made.

If you are looking for a quiet spot for a romantic dinner, Stuttgarden is not for you. If you are looking for a good time with excellent food, you should check it out. Particularly when travelling with a large group, this is an excellent place to go.

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