Royal Caribbean Formal Night Menu

The first formal night on Royal Caribbean. This wasn’t as big of a deal as the second formal night, but we still tried to make ourselves presentable.

I admit it. I am a sucker for fancy meals. Sometimes I even make my kids go to them. That’s one of the great privileges of going on a cruise. There are lots of options for fancy meals. The Royal Caribbean formal night menu tries to take things up a little more. Formal night happens twice on a 7 night cruise, and the two formal nights are a little bit different. This is what happened on our cruise this Summer on the Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston.

First formal night

To understand the Royal Caribbean formal nights, you really need to understand all of the dinner menus. Each night presents a series of excellent choices. On a 7 night cruise, plan on two formal nights. It is very rare for either of those nights to be the first or the last evening. The link above will take you to all of the dinner menus. The first formal night was on Night 2, and the second formal night was Night 6. Both of these days were sea days.

Beef carpaccio was featured on the first Royal Caribbean formal night menu. It was excellent.

The first formal night was Monday. This was a sea day, and it was the first full day of the cruise. The meal was excellent, but it honestly wasn’t all that different from most other nights in the main dining room (MDR). I enjoyed the beef carpaccio as an appetizer. My 13 year old loved the duck a la orange. I went for the vegetable casserole as an entree. It was all great. It just wasn’t different from other nights in the MDR. We did dress a little nicer. Whereas I normally wore slacks and a polo shirt, the picture above shows what we all wore that night. We were squarely in line with how other diners were dressed.

The second formal night was lobster night

On our cruise, the second formal night was a bigger event. This was the famous lobster night. For us, this was the sixth night of the cruise. That happened to be a sea day. Lobster night is always the fanciest night of the cruise. Folks wear the best clothes they brought. For us, this was very similar to the picture above.

The Royal Caribbean formal night menu featured Baked Alaska on the second formal night. It was superb.

Overall, I enjoyed both formal nights. The only real challenge, I suppose, is that I always enjoy eating in the main dining room. The crew on the Liberty of the Seas did great work this Summer. The two formal nights, however, just weren’t *that* different from every other excellent meal.

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