What to expect from Royal Caribbean 2021-2022

The Allure of the Seas is pictured here with sister ships from the Oasis Class. Royal Caribbean has not made any announcements. However, it may be a key part of Royal Caribbean 2021-2022 plans from Galveston.

Royal Caribbean has sailed at least two ships from Texas for several years now. Currently, only the Liberty of the Seas is scheduled to sail from Texas in Summer 2021. Speculation has been rife that Royal will move an Oasis Class ship to Galveston. They have also delayed the announcement of their entire Caribbean schedule. So what do we know about the Royal Caribbean 2021-2022 plan from Galveston?

What has already been announced?

We know several things. First, we know the Liberty will remain in Galveston through October 2021. She is also being updated in January 2021. We know that Royal Caribbean is building a new terminal and Galveston. Unfortunately, we also know there has been no final announcement from the Port of Galveston with details of that terminal. We know that Royal Caribbean has consistently sailed two ships from Galveston. One focuses on 7 night itineraries, and one on 4 and 5 night runs to Mexico. We know that 4 and 5 night itineraries will be announced the Week of December 16. We also know which ships Royal Caribbean has assigned fleetwide.

The Royal Caribbean 2021 schedule. Specifically, this chart shows which ships have been scheduled for July 2021. Some ships are scheduled through April 2022. I pulled this chart on December 6, 2019.

Royal Caribbean has scheduled several ships through April 2022. The picture above is a screenshot of which ships have been scheduled for July 2021. The Adventure, Brilliance, Grandeur, Independence, Mariner, Navigator, Odyssey, Quantum, Spectrum, and Voyager of the Seas are not yet available for Summer 2021 bookings.

There is a curious pattern with the Allure of the Seas, though. She is available for trips through October 2021. This is exactly as long as the Liberty of the Seas is set to remain in Galveston. The Allure also just went through a major upgrade process. Royal Caribbean calls this “amplification.”

What should Galveston cruisers expect from the Royal Caribbean 2021 schedule?

I expect two things to happen. First, I fully expect a second ship to be sailing from Galveston in Summer 2021. That will likely not be the newest and fanciest ship. However, it seems unlikely that Royal Caribbean would fundamentally alter their strategy. *Something* will sail 4 and 5 night trips to Mexico from Galveston. Look for that announcement on or shortly after December 16.

Second, I expect the Allure of the Seas to sail from Galveston starting in November 2021. Look for two things before that news comes out. First, Royal Caribbean and the Port of Galveston may be working out final details of the new terminal. Second, sailing an Oasis Class ship from Galveston would be big news. I suspect Royal will want to make a big announcement based only on this news.

We will follow all of the developments. Good things should be in store for cruisers from Texas. Follow Galveston Cruise Reviews to get all of the latest updates.

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