IAH Galveston Shuttle Options

Your Galveston shuttle will have to take the bridge from the mainland to Galveston Island.

If you are flying to take a cruise out of Galveston, one of the more annoying chores can be getting from the airport to the cruise terminal through some Galveston Shuttle Service.  Galveston does not have its own airport, thus you must fly into one of the two Houston airports.

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Bags VIP Baggage Delivery Service

Bags VIP baggage delivery service allows you to check in your luggage and not pick it up again until you reach your hotel.

I don’t do a great job of packing my luggage. Usually, I am gone for 3-4 nights. That means that I usually have a little bit too much stuff for a carry on. However, I *hate* waiting at the baggage carousel for my stuff to come out. American and United offer baggage delivery service with Bags VIP. I tried it recently on two flights– one with each airline. The service is good, but not great. Whether I use it again will depend a lot on the circumstances. It certainly wouldn’t be worth it if you already have a shuttle waiting to take you to your pre-cruise hotel.

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IAH Admiral’s Club in Terminal A

The door to the IAH Admiral’s Club in Terminal A.

American Airlines has made a lot of improvements to their Admiral’s Club lounges over the last year. They are offering a wider variety of snacks, and my personal favorite is the guacamole available every afternoon. Then again, two kinds of free soup or the free fancy coffee machine are also nice. Of all the improvements they have made, however, one is particularly important to me. In 2017, AA re-opened the long-dormant IAH Admiral’s Club in Terminal A. They did a great job of remodeling, and this is a fantastic addition for those of us flying American out of Houston’s George Bush airport. Continue reading “IAH Admiral’s Club in Terminal A”