Galveston AirBnB

Our Galveston AirBnB provided us a lot of extra space before our cruise.

Our family loves to travel, but securing hotel accommodations with two adults and four kids isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Suites are expensive, adjoining rooms are not as common as you’d think, and trusting your kids to behave while sleeping down the hall is a dicey proposition. Fortunately, these days, there are options like AirBnB that allow you to find and rent a house, apartment, or condo of any size and configuration you can imagine directly from the owner, usually at or below market rate for a hotel room of similar quality. For example this past summer we needed a place to stay for two nights before sailing with Royal Caribbean out of Galveston. A Galveston AirBnB was the right solution for us.

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Updated Royal Caribbean suite benefits

Access to the Suite Lounge is one of the best Liberty of the Seas suite perks.

We sailed Royal Caribbean out of Galveston in 2017, and the Liberty of the Seas suite perks were amazing. We sail again on Sunday, and we can’t wait. As a bonus, this time we are in the Villa Suite. This room used to be known as the Presidential Family Suite. It comes with a couple of extra perks. The concierge emailed us last night to explain everything. Royal Caribbean suite benefits are one of the reasons I keep sailing with them.

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Planning your cruise on the Royal Caribbean app

The Royal Caribbean app opens about 4 weeks before your cruise.

I spend a *ton* of time planning my cruises. For me, one of the real joys of cruising is spending many months anticipating what is to come. I also LOVE to eat. I am cruising next week. We booked this cruise in November 2017, and we are sailing with friends. The Royal Caribbean app started loading information about our cruise exactly 4 weeks before embarkation. Let’s look at what this app will and will not do.

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Carnival Faster to the Fun (FTTF) on your Galveston cruise

Purchase Carnival Faster to the Fun through their shore excursions page well in advance of your cruise.

I am sailing on Carnival next year, and I am excited. I have taken several cruises on Royal Caribbean, and I love them. However, it was time to try something new. One of the things I love on Royal is their suite perks, and this is something where I feel that Carnival is lacking. To make up for that, I just bought Carnival Faster to the Fun for my cruise early next year. While I will obviously review that earlier next year, I want to let you know what it is and how to but it if that fits with your vacation plans.

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Bags VIP Baggage Delivery Service

Bags VIP baggage delivery service allows you to check in your luggage and not pick it up again until you reach your hotel.

I don’t do a great job of packing my luggage. Usually, I am gone for 3-4 nights. That means that I usually have a little bit too much stuff for a carry on. However, I *hate* waiting at the baggage carousel for my stuff to come out. American and United offer baggage delivery service with Bags VIP. I tried it recently on two flights– one with each airline. The service is good, but not great. Whether I use it again will depend a lot on the circumstances. It certainly wouldn’t be worth it if you already have a shuttle waiting to take you to your pre-cruise hotel.

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