Royal Caribbean

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We have been able to sail extensively on Royal Caribbean out of Galveston, and we love it. I’ve written before that the shore-side customer service on RCCL is atrocious, and it quite often is. They have shown incorrect account balances, provided the wrong information on whether a fare is refundable, and have done a host of other things. However, once you get through the shore-side hassle everything changes.

We have sailed Royal 3 times, we have another trip booked in July 2019 on the Liberty of the Seas, and we have a fifth trip scheduled in July 2020 on the Enchantment of the Seas. All of those have sailed or will sail out of Galveston, and we keep coming back because the ships are interesting and the onboard experience is fantastic. We will break our Royal Caribbean Galveston reviews into smaller pieces to help you find what you are looking for. We will also review shore excursions and everything there is to do in Galveston. Come sail with us!