NCL Upgrade Advantage bid declined

The email saying my NCL Upgrade Advantage bid was denied. Norwegian sent me a separate email for each cabin for which I bid to upgrade.

I wrote previously about the NCL Upgrade Advantage program. If you want a nicer cabin than you originally paid for, you can bid to receive it at a discount. This complicates the process when cabin prices drop. Also, there are no guarantees. Unfortunately, my upgrade bids for my cruise on Monday were declined today. Here is what happened, as well as the lesson I learned about booking guarantee category staterooms. Continue reading “NCL Upgrade Advantage bid declined”

NCL Upgrade Advantage and price drops

Last week I wrote about the NCL Upgrade Advantage program. You have to be flexible, and you have to be OK with the cabin you actually paid for. Norwegian can offer a much nicer cabin at a steep discount through the upgrade program. However, if you know that moving to a nicer cabin is important to you then check out prices as the cruise approaches. It may be a better deal to simply call and pay the price difference. Things are starting to look that way on my cruise. Continue reading “NCL Upgrade Advantage and price drops”